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Slides & Grippers

Numatic Engineering is the premier resource for pneumatic motion control components in Central and Southern California. In business for over fifty five years, we have designed and supported hundreds of pneumatic automation systems. We understand the importance of specifying the correct pneumatic actuator in commercial applications. We will work with you to and help specify the best actuator for the application based on the design criteria and any special requirements.

Guided cylinders from both SMC and Bimba utilize guide rods mounted parallel to the piston rod to provide stable, non-rotating, high side load performance. Available in dual rod end, table slide, heavy duty and precision models, each offering unique performance characteristics or load carrying capabilities. Like rodless cylinders, guide rod cylinders reduce rod bending/piston bending resulting in uneven seal wear and premature failure. Low profile models are available for restrictive space limitation and extruded cylinder bodies that move heavy loads supported by recirculating ball rail systems. Additionally Bimba offers the patented PneuMoment™ Actuators that can support large loads and moments in a revolutionary compact design.


  • Table Slide
  • Heavy Duty
  • Precision
  • Low Profile
  • Dual Rod End
  • Custom

SMC offers one of the most extensive lines of pneumatic grippers in the industry. The offering includes a rotary driven, two/three and four finger parallel series that are ideal for gripping and centering parts. A wide opening parallel model, designed to accommodate many different sized parts. A heavy duty model, an angular model and a toggle version to give reliable gripping support. Additionally a low-contamination style for clean rooms, equipped with a protective boot; and electric models. All models can incorporate speed adjustment.


  • Parallel 2-3and 4 Finger
  • Angular
  • Angular – 180 Degree
  • Escapement
  • Toggle
  • Specialty

The first step in your design is to choose the appropriate slides and grippers and other actuators including linear air cylinders that will work within the motion and size requirements of the application. We work with OEMs and end users alike to determine which variations of actuators will be most applicable in their design. Making an accurate choice regarding motion control products will help your design meet or exceed its proposed criteria. Without proper pneumatic engineering the motion will either be choppy, restricted with the end result of missed cycle times or shortened life.

At Numatic Engineering, we have an intimate knowledge of the pneumatic actuators we sell through our solutions based sales approach. We are a true value when you need to choose among the hundreds of actuators available for your design. There are so many products available, it is time consuming to conduct the research required to find the right component. Numatic Engineering does the work for you. Our sales representatives work with our products for years before they become proficient in developing the solutions we are able to provide for you. We have acquired a true applicable knowledge of all the products we sell and are able to offer you our value-added services including Application Engineering and Assembly Manufacturing.

When choosing the right actuator for your design, we will listen to your needs to establish the ultimate slides and grippers to achieve maximum performance. When determining the correct product, there are a variety of choices to make regarding desired performance criteria.

Slides & Grippers Options

  • Dust cover
  • Stainless steel fingers
  • Auto switches
  • Clean room versions
  • Built-in speed adjustment

Numatic Engineering partners with world-class suppliers to bring you the best in pneumatic automation components including air cylinders, slides and grippers, and rodless air cylinders. We work with SMC and Bimba Manufacturing to bring you engineered options that will work with your most challenging applications. For more information regarding our products, services, or solutions, contact us! Or call us at 800-AIR-CYLS to determine the correct actuator for your application today.