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Process Temperature Control with SMC Thermo-chillers

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Thermo-chiller/Basic Type HRSE

Complete with energy-saving triple control!
・Reduces power consumption by 33%
・Compact and lightweight: 32 kg (100 VAC)
・Maintenance-free: Magnet pump
・Low-noise design: 55 dB (A)



SMC's Thermo-chiller Offers Large Energy Saving Using Triple Control! 

Compressor, fan and electronic control valve can be controlled depending on the heat load from the user's equipment. Power consumption reduced by 33%.




Thermal Chiller Circuit Diagram


SMC Thermo-chillers are Compact/Lightweight 32 kg(100 VAC)

■ Cooling capacity 1.2, 1.6, 2.2 kW 
■ Max. ambient temperature 40°C (200 VAC) 
■ Set temperature range 10 to 30°C 
■ Temperature stability ±2.0°C 
■ Maintenance free Magnet pump 
■ Low-noise design 55 dB (A) 
■ Power supply 100/200 VAC 50/60 Hz 
 [New]230 VAC (50/60 Hz)

SMC Thermo-chillers Simplify Function and Performance.



SMC Thermo-chiller Application Examples

Laser Machining

UV Curling Device

Electronic Microscopes

Digital X-ray Instrument

Laser Marker

Ultrasonic Wave

Inspection Machine

Packaging Line

Die Cooling

Paint Temperature Control

Vacuum Pump Cooling


Equipment Reagant

Cooling Equipment




System Configuration of a Circulating Fluid Temperature Control