Static Electricity: Invisible OEE Killer

Eliminate static to improve process & product quality.

Ionizers from SMC can eliminate downtime, bottlenecks, and waste caused by static electricity present in high-speed, automated production lines.

Bar Ionizer with Separate Controller, IZT Series
Ionizer Application Examples

Static electricity is an invisible phenomenon, with very visible, and costly effects. In manufacturing processes, one of the most damaging consequences could be the rejection of the final product for not complying with quality standards (e.g. product contamination).

With SMC’s Ionizers you will:

Forget about product rejections, futile maintenance hours and machine downtime caused by static electricity – Plug it in and see the benefits right away

Optimize the quality of your process – The installation of the appropriate solution will increase production speed and improve output quality in a simple way.

Create a safe environment for your workers – Eliminate jolts produced by static

Guarantee getting the proper anti-static solution – A wide range for measuring, removing and controlling static electricity is at your disposal.

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