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Value Added Training

Lunch & Learn Training Numatic Engineering Value-Added Training

Knowledge is power
The more you know, the more you can grow. That’s the philosophy we live by at Numatic Engineering. We’re committed to training ourselves, and it’s something we strongly advocate for you too.

Technology is revolutionizing our industry. What seemed impossible a decade ago is a commonly used application today. That pace of change makes it difficult to sustain a competitive advantage. But constant training and learning can help you identify new technologies that offer you an edge. At Numatic Engineering, we understand how to apply new technologies, and we can show you how to improve your manufacturing processes and earn a faster return on your investment.

We’ve spent countless hours with clients in our training room or their facility demonstrating our commitment to their success. We offer focused, hands-on training sessions that equip you with the information and understanding necessary to implement a new generation of electronic and pneumatic automation controls. From motion control and SCARA robots, to programmable controllers and machine vision sensors, we can help you master the details and maximize the possibilities of today’s technology.

Numatic Engineering provides additional value added services including Assembly Manufacturing and Application Engineering.

The best way to learn more about how we can provide value to you is to schedule a VIP Tour visit our facility and meet our people. Another option is to schedule a “Lunch and Learn” at your facility. We’ll bring the lunch and selection of products tailored to your needs; you provide the meeting space and the inquisitive minds. “Lunch and Learn” is the ideal and most cost effective way for your design team to interact with the latest in automation technologies, and to brainstorm new ideas.

Contact us for more information regarding our specialized, value-added training sessions by calling (800) NUMATIC (686-2842) or contact us.