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UL508 certified panel fabrication

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This month's eNews focuses on UL508 certified panel fabrication.
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UL508UL508 Certified Panel Fabrication
Custom electrical and pneumatic control enclosures
We offer our customers total solutions for their factory automation needs to improve productivity, quality, reliability, and maintenance.  
Our panels are UL 508-A listed for Industrial Controls applications. We have the experience, the know-how, and the understanding of UL requirements to fabricate control panels to meet the highest degree of compliance. With over 25 years of control panel fabrication experience, Numatic Engineering embeds the latest industry knowledge and technologies in our  control panel design while meeting all the UL requirements.  Contact us to discuss  your  electrical and pneumatic panel designs.

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With over six decades of experience as the premier resource for automation controls, from robots and electrical automation to packaged drives and pneumatic controls, Numatic Engineering's UL508A shop is aimed at supplying quality, cost-effective solutions for your every need.