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Vacuum Components

Pneumatic Vacuum Components

Numatic Engineering offers vacuum products for applications ranging from basic to challenging. We use our fifty five years of combined experience to find the right vacuum component to meet your design criteria. There are numerous components utilized in a vacuum system. We can help you determine the right products for your specific requirements.

SMC and Vaccon OEM Logo provided and the appropriate Product Links offered below for instant reference

Vacuum Products:

  • Vacuum Generators
  • Material Transfer
  • Vacuum Switches
  • Vacuum  Cups
  • Vacuum Valves
  • Vacuum Regulators
  • Vacuum Sensors
  • Vacuum Gauges

Vacuum products create an efficient means for manufacturing and assembly. They are created for a variety of industries. For example, to move large sheets of glass, a frame of vacuum suction cups with vacuum sensors will be designed to transfer the material. For small components such as minute batteries to large products such as 50 lb. dog food bags, we can find the right Vacuum generators/pumps, vacuum sensors and vacuum valves for your needs.

Numatic Engineering provides quality Application Engineering and Assembly Manufacturing to provide you with the services and solutions you need. We have been the premier resource of vacuum products for southern and central California for over fifty five years. With the applicable knowledge we have acquired regarding vacuum components, we are ready to help you with your most challenging application. Our products have a variety of options available for you that ensure lasting quality and cost-effectiveness. Depending upon your application specifications, we will listen to your needs to determine the right part number no matter the type of vacuum product you are looking at.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Increased productivity
  • Simple design
  • Long life
  • Ease of operation

Numatic Engineering partners with world-class manufacturers of vacuum products including SMC and Vaccon. Contact us for more information regarding vacuum generators and vacuum sensors. To find out what solutions and services we can provide for you, call us at 800-AIR-CYLS.