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Value Add - "Application Engineering"

Bringing the many pieces together

Numatic Engineering stands confident in its ability to help support in the design of your next automation system. For the past 30 years, our Application Engineering Team has helped hundreds of clients in diverse industries create unique solutions to successfully address a wide range of automation challenges. Let our application engineering group assist or manage your next project. With our 30 years of experience in application support we are here to help.

Application Engineering Services:

Numatic Engineering is a step ahead of the competition with over 30 years of electronic automation experience, applicable knowledge and value-added services.

With our product knowledge we can be an extension of your in-house engineering team, or a trusted source for resolving specific issues with an existing or newly developed design. We specialize in helping engineers and designers select the proper components from servo motion control, variable frequency drives, vision sensors, to programmable controllers for each application. When you’re looking to increase productivity, improve precision, minimize downtime, or improve quality we’re confident in our ability to deliver the ideal solution. Rely on our Application Engineering Team to add value to your project.

Your next solution is just a phone call away. To tap into the innovation and expertise of Numatic Engineering’s Application Engineers, call us at (800) NUMATIC (686-2842) or contact us today.