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Directional Control Valves

Numatic Engineering partners with SMC the world’s largest manufacture of pneumatic valves including directional control valves and proportional control valves. SMC products are used extensively in Packaging, Medical, Food Processing, Specialty Machine Builders, Semi Conductor, Animation and Entertainment related industries. Numatic Engineering can assist you in determining which SMC valve series or features are most appropriate for your application, from simple to complex operations.

Products include directional control valves, serial communication, fluid/chemical and mechanical valves, and accessories. Below are just some of the feature sets of our valves. Let us know if we can be of assistance in determining which products and features best fit your application.

SMC Valve Options:

  • Valve Functionality: 2way, 3 way, 4 way, Open/Closed Center, etc.
  • Single & Double Solenoid & Air Pilot
  • Individual or manifold Mount
  • Mounting Styles: Direct Mount, Din Rail & In-Line
  • Electrical Interface: 25 Pin D-Sub, Terminal Strip, 36 Pin Round Connector etc.
  • Serial Communication Interface
  • Plumbing Features, One Touch Fittings, NPT, Captured Exhaust, mufflers, etc.
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Speed Control
  • Clean Room Versions
  • PTFE Valves

SMC offer valves for every application. SMC valves are unrivaled in their superior performance.  Longevity and reliability is inherent in SMC valve products with an average life span ranging from 50 million to 200 million cycles depending on series and model. They come with port sizes of M3 to 2”NPT. Various integrated wiring options, and functionalities are available on bar stock or stackable manifolds. We offer valves that are compact, light weight, and transmit high flow. SMC valves utilize clean aesthetic designs improving the looks on your equipment. SMC valves have a quick accurate response times, and use very little electrical power.

SMC Air Valve Benefits:

  • High flow-compact-lightweight designs
  • Low electrical power consumption
  • High speed response time
  • Long life 50-200 million cycles
  • Integrated wiring and plumbing options
  • Clean aesthetic designs

SMC Valves:

  • Directional Control Valves

    SMC’s directional control valves are typically 3 way and 4 way valves used for the control of an air cylinder. Numerous options are available to enhance the control and performance of the air cylinders. SMC creates a wide variety of directional control valves for all applications and industries. From individual valves to complex manifold configurations SMC creates quality valve products to fit your needs.

  • Serial Interface

    System integrators and engineers have the freedom needed to design world-class control systems thanks to the SMC family of Serial Interface products. The true power of a serial system is the amount of flexibility and control it gives you in addition to the significant cost savings. SMC’s latest innovations in serial technology give you the power of decentralized control and the flexibility needed for your design. SMC supports an extremely wide variety of open and closed network protocols to suit your application including CC-Link, DeviceNet, Profibus, Allen-Bradley RIO and many more.

  • Chemical and Liquid Valves

    These valves include several different lines of high purity valves as well as liquid isolation valves.

  • Mechanical, Manual and Air Pilot

    SMC mechanical valves are designed to meet general industrial criteria. The mechanical valve’s basic construction utilizes corrosion resistant aluminum die cast bodies.  Mechanical valves are available in two, three, and four-way configurations. They provide an assortment of interchangeable actuator assembly options to meet various application needs.

  • Valve Accessories

    SMC’s silencers, integrated fittings, flow controls & regulators, cord sets, mounting kits, etc

Regardless of the air cylinder your application requires, Numatic Engineering has the valve components and accessories to fit your application needs. Contact us today to learn more regarding the pneumatic automation components we distribute, all manufactured by our trusted partners including SMC, Bimba, Enidine, 80/20, and Proportion-Air. Call us at 800-AIR-CYLS today to request an order. We have the pneumatic automation components and services you are looking for.