Visualize Cobot Status

See, hear, and transmit cobot status with configurable stack lights.

Stack lights improve the cobot’s feedback process since stack lights can be understood at a glance, can be seen from a distance, and include visual, audio, and digital messages. Stack lights have helped our customers reduce downtime and improve worker efficiency.

WAGO IO Link Master with Balluff Stacklight
WAGO IO Link Master with Balluff Stacklight

3 Levels of Visualization

Status Visualization using the 5VDC discrete outputs from the cobot arm to a Patlite signal tower run time status can be communicated.

Process Visualization using Wago’s IO-Link Master with Balluff’s Smart Light can be combined with Universal Robots’ built-in digital and analog I/O to share run time status, level status, and custom processes unique to your operation. 

Production Line Visualization
Using the the built-in Modbus server, available on the Universal Robots’ controller, along with Wago’s expansion I/O, multiple device and cobot arm statuses can be coordinated  throughout the production line.  Watch this Modbus TCP communication tutorial from our fellow Mi Automation Solutions partner – Axis New England.

Product Documentation for Stack Light Integration

  • Universal Robots e-Series User Manual (PDF)
  • Universal Robots Support: Accessing robot data through the MODBUS server.
  • Balluff Smart Light User’s Guide (PDF)
  • Balluff HMI Catalog: Tower Lights and Process Visualization (PDF)
  • Patlite General Catalog (PDF)
  • WAGO I/O System 750 Manual: IO-Link Master 750-657 (PDF)
  • WAGO I/O System 750 Brochure (PDF)

References for Stack Lights used in Manufacturing Process Engineering

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