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Worker Safety and Support



Sneeze Guards Thermal Cameras Conveyors
CDC Guidance for manufacturing recommends using "physical barriers, such as strip curtains, plexiglass or similar materials, or other impermeable dividers or partitions to separate manufacturing workers from each other". California's Covid-19 guidance requires setting up individual control measures and screenings before reopening.  Thermal cameras accomplish temperature checks safely, consistently, and indiscriminately. The need for social distancing is an important protective measure within the manufacturing work environment.  Automated conveyors are an important engineering control to maintain appropriate distances between workstations.



Sneeze Guards to Control COVID-19

Give your employees and customers extrusion protection and confidence at work. Numatic Engineering provides the widest variety of extrusion products in the industry to ensure you get the custom guard or enclusure that fits your specific needs and requirements.


Thermal Cameras to Screen for Symptoms

Easy to deploy infrared camera systems screen for high temperatures to protects workers against  COVID-19 transmission.  Many organizations are at risk of continued interruption to operations due to coronarvirus and possible future pandemics. Infrared camera systems from Process Sensors Corp. can help screen frontline employees for elevated body/skin temperature – a possible sign of fighting infection – before they enter crowded workspaces. Organizations that deploy these infrared cameras can help provide a more safe and secure workplace for a productive workforce.

Conveyors to Control Distance between Workstations

Changes in production practices may be necessary in order to maintain appropriate distances among workers. Manufacturers will be forced to rethink their operations in many ways, including socially distancing or automating the jobs of employees who work in close proximity.  Automated conveyors offer flexible solutions to maintain effiecient production when workstations are distanced and aligned to protect workers.