Yaskawa VFD Programming and Tools via Smartphone

One industry trend is the rise of VFDs that accept programming, monitoring, and operation via commands received on a smartphone or laptop. This makes setup and programming easier — and it puts product literature and video tutorials at end users’ fingertips. Some VFDs can even be programmed without main power connected.

Design World, “Programming variable frequency drives for variable-torque applications” by Jonathan Kopczyk

Looking back at the past decade, it’s clear that variable frequency drives (VFDs) positively impacted the motor control industry. These devices can precisely alter the output frequency and voltage to a motor for accurate speed control and response, all while maximizing efficiency. Variable torque loads such as centrifugal pumps, fans, and blowers are run by VFDs around the clock, keeping spaces temperate and water flowing for everyday use.

It is important with these types of applications that the VFD is setup correctly and a proper startup is performed at some point. This generally includes terminating any control wiring and altering parameter settings if necessary.

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